Interior Design Ideas for Living Room and Kitchen this 2018

The year is about to end and most of us are really looking forward for a change this coming 2018. And by change, I mean major ones like getting a new landscape for your garden, repainting the house, or renovating the interiors of your house. The new year is only a few weeks away, so it’s better if we start planning today to make it on time.

To start the year right, we have to start within the house. Some of the most common targets for renovation are the living room and the kitchen. Since visitors tend to stay in the living room, we have to be really creative and unique. So, to keep you posted on unique living room interior design ideas for 2018, here are some ideas for your home.

Hopefully, these tips will trigger new ideas to create that custom-made design for your living room and kitchen.

interior design ideas 2018

1. Intimate style sunken living room

If the living room is your favorite part of the house, then you might as well design it according to your liking. If you want a more intimate movie marathon or a simple yet unique place to welcome your friends, try opting for a sunken living room. This is one of the best interior design ideas for the living room of all time. It will leave you feeling cozy and peaceful.

2. All natural wooden living room

Wooden interior design is always on-trend when it comes to ideas for the living room. Aside from looking all classy and natural, wooden living room also gives off a different kind of energy and warmth. With proper lighting and enough decors, your living room will surely be the best place to stay whatever season you are in.

3. Simplistic Traditional Kitchen

Having a traditional kitchen is the next best thing you can do to your newly-built home. Give your kitchen a minimalistic look and design by going all traditional this coming year. Be all conscious about getting a lot of decors since this is the kitchen, it should be as simple as it can get. Just throw in some golden lighting to shine up the counters and you are good to go.

4. Conceptual Kitchen

If you love to cook and you like to own the kitchen every day, then, make it a better place by redesigning it according to your mood. Choosing the right colour is the key element here as we tend to spend some time eating and preparing here. Don’t go for a single color though as this would create monotony. Try blending some of your favourite colors. This will surely leave you all motivated while preparing for a feast.

There is no perfect design when it comes to designing the living room and kitchen. You have to find the right balance according to your liking. Minimalism is that secret ingredient that truly brings out the creativity in you.  Be it your kitchen or your living room, it’s part of your life now and it’s a place where memories are made. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination out so you can create the perfect living room and kitchen you have always desired. To find out more great ideas check out Youngstown interior design