How To Open A Garage Door With No Power?

Picture of how to open a garage door without powerAn electrically powered garage door, though commands comfort, has its own challenges. It could be disappointing on days when there is no electrical power. On such a day, what do you do? Would you still be able to open your door when there is no power?

This question is so important that I decided to search if it was possible. I found out how to open a garage door with no power and I’m going to discuss my findings with you briefly.

How Do You Open A Garage Door Without Power? Simply locate the bypass switch which usually has a rope hanging down with a nob. The rope is usually red in color. Pull down this red rope using the nob and the entire system will shift into the manual mode. Once this is done, approach the garage door and pull it up. It will easily roll up on its track until you have enough space for uninterrupted movement.

When power is finally restored, the garage door can be returned to its automatic position. This is also easy to do. Know that the company behind the design of the garage door opener would have forecasted the situations that may occur. They will then factor these into the design of the garage door opener.

One of the very possible situations is a sudden power outage. Definitely, when there is no power supply, you will not be able to open the garage door electronically. This gave the reason why the manual mode was designed and implemented in the system. When power is eventually restored, you will need a way to return the garage door into its original position which is the automatic mode.

How to Restore your Garage Door into Automatic Mode:

That you disengaged the garage door from its motor using the bypass switch doesn’t mean the entire system is damaged neither does it means you will have to keep the garage door in manual mode forever. Once power has been restored and you feel ready to return the entire system to its original mode of operation, you can simply do this.

Pull the bypass key but this time, you will have to pull it towards the garage door and the bypass switch will again lock itself into the garage door pull. This way, the entire system will begin to function the way it was designed to. You can then begin to operate the system using the remote control and avail yourself the convenience of using your automatic garage door opener.

What if I want to remain in the Manual Mode?

There are so many reasons why it might be advisable to leave your garage door in the manual mode. If power is going to be off for a long time, you might want to consider leaving the door in the manual mode.

Also, if the reason you decided to open the garage door manually is that you misplaced your remote control or the remote control system is no longer working then leaving the door in its manual mode is more advisable until you find or fix the remote control system.

Another reason you might want to remain in the manual mode is if the system motor is not functioning properly and it’s becoming difficult to open the garage door. Any of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to stay in the manual mode.

To do that, simply pull the bypass switch so that you can move the garage door manually and to ensure the pulley doesn’t lock into the bypass switch again, simply pull it a little bit away from the of the entire pulley system.

This way, you can be sure that as you open the door manually, the door pulley doesn’t lock itself into the bypass switch anymore. If it does, you will have to begin the whole process again from the inside. This could be risky if the only means to access your house is through the garage.

Can I Switch to Manual Mode when the Garage Door is Up?

Yes, you can. However, this is not advisable because of the danger involved. The garage door is designed with a spring which is meant to assist the door as it goes up and down. If it happens that the door spring is damaged, the weight of the door will come rushing down and will crush anything standing on its way.

This is very dangerous and should be avoided. The impact can even damage the door. For this reason, it is best to engage the manual mode when your garage door is down. If it happens that the door is up before the power went off or before your remote system got damaged and you have no other means to pull it down, you need to engage the bypass switch carefully.

You will need to support the weight of the door with a plank or anything that is strong enough to hold the weight. The support will prevent the garage door from crashing down when you engage the bypass switch. You can then move close to the garage door and pull it down gently.

Can a Garage Door be Opened Manually from Outside?

Yes, it can. However, the “do it yourself” process for this puts your home at a security risk. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you contact a technician to help you with your garage door if you need to open it from outside.

What Number was Used Often in Ancient China’s Architectural Design

Sometimes due to events in our lives, we end up doing things we are not passionate about. It is never too late to acquire new knowledge especially if you are really interested about a certain topic.

Personally, I am really into architecture. Hence the topic of this blog post.

Ancient China’s Architecture

As a fan of architecture, I’d like to talk about my fascination about Ancient China’s architectural design. Did you know that in Ancient China, they followed a certain numerical pattern in building their establishments? Every detail has a certain meaning whenever they built something.

Beliefs and Rituals

My friend being being half Chinese, we were often guided by his father about Feng Shui. He went through explaining what it meant to their family. Believe it or not, even where you positioned your bed had a significance. I have learned a lot from my friend’s dad and although we did not fully believe him at first, we still followed his advice. There was honestly no harm in trying.

Later I realised that these rituals have been adapted through generations, centuries, or even a millennium! Giving it more credibility backed up by a lot of logical theories. These rituals have also been observed in ancient architecture.

Architectural bilateral symmetry

A very important note in Chinese architecture is to have an emphasis on articulation and bilateral symmetry which signifies balance. Bilateral symmetry and the articulation of buildings are often observed everywhere in Chinese architecture.

Buildings are typically planned to have an even number of columns in a structure to produce an odd number of bays.

In contrast to the buildings, the Chinese gardens tend to be asymmetrical. The principle underlying the garden’s composition is to create enduring flow. The design and arrangement tends to be as flexible as possible to let people feel they are surrounded by and in harmony with nature


Imperial China’s architecture was heavily influenced by numerology. It is related to any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. Often, it was associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.

This is also why the Forbidden City in Beijing is said to have 9,999 rooms, just short of the mythical 10,000 rooms in heaven.

Moving forward..

Architecture make a lot of difference in the world today. Especially at this time of age wherein a lot of buildings are being created. It is actually very comforting to know that there are people who take in every detail into consideration. Giving them meaning. Making structures feel more alive. Imagine extracting a story out of every brick.

We are surrounded by numbers in our daily lives. There are a lot of reasons to believe that ancient china’s architecture made a lot of sense back then. It helped a lot of people strengthen their belief.

How To Open A Garage Door With No Power

Automatic garage doors are easily opened with the use of a door opener. Without getting out of your vehicle, you can open and close the door effortlessly. Especially during bad weather conditions, there’s no better experience than a click of the door opener button to keep you as well as your belongings dry. However, a big storm can hit your area bringing power outages that can incapacitate your garage door while keeping you stuck outside. On the other side, when you’re inside your garage with no power, it’s essential to understand how to open a garage door without power.  Here is a visual look at how to open the garage door no power

How to Open the Garage Door with no Power

Trip the trigger

Almost all garage door openers come with a bypass switch. It’s meant for situations when the remote opener isn’t working, the power is no more, or the motor goes awry. You’ll find a rope with a handle on most door openers. The rope, red in color, is mostly located on the end of the opener.

This manual release adjustment (handle) is designed to disengage the trolley from the attachment link to the rail. If you pull this rope, it will put the garage in the manual mode. In case the door is up, it could come crashing down. So activate this handle if the door is closed to avoid accidents in the first place.

Stay in the manual mode and open the door

The spring attachment found in the trolley is controlled by the red rope. If the opener motor isn’t functioning or the power is expected to arrive late, you should stay in the manual mode. When you wish to continually open the door in the manual mode, be sure to pull the rope downwards and towards the back of the motor. This will ascertain that the door won’t get caught or stuck on the tracks.

Opening the garage door from the outside

In case you’re locked out of the garage during a power outage, you may want to park your vehicle inside. The situation could be more pressing if the garage is the main way of accessing your house. So what would you do in such a situation? You have two options to open the door from outside.

Firstly, place a shim in the weather strip located on the top of your garage. Slide a bent coat hanger in so that it flips the lever. Such an adjustment will let you open the door manually from outside. However, this method involves a lot of risk. You’ve to be really careful when using this option; otherwise, you may end up injuring yourself.

The second option would be to open the door using the emergency release kit that you might have installed. In case you’ve a kit installed and are out of the garage during a power outage, stick to these steps.

Locate your emergency release kit; insert the relevant key into the socket of the lock. Turn the key, pull the lock tumbler from the lock in order to engage the release mechanism that you find on the carriage of the garage door opener. Lift the door open till it stops moving. Drive your vehicle inside the garage and put the door down.

Now push upward on the lever and re-engage the release mechanism. The release mechanism can also be re-engaged by pulling the release cord in the upward direction and toward the door or motor.

Reattach the door and reset the opener when the power returns

Once power has been restored in your home, you may want to take advantage of that automatic door. Re-engage the trolley attachment by pulling down on the cord towards the garage opening. Pull up on the garage door until it lines up in its place. You’re now back in the automatic mode. If this sounds too much, click on the button located on the remote opener; the spring attachment will be forced into its place by the track.

Resetting the door opener is fairly simple. Just push the release lever using a broom handle and the opener should function as normal. Some openers may also warrant the aligning of the carriage with the turnbuckle/bullet on the chain or belt. If the opener doesn’t operate when the power returns, unplug the opener and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back. This will allow the whole system to reset and everything should work fine.

Bottom line

Folks who’ve enjoyed the convenience and comfort presented by an automatic garage door would never want to open the door manually. However, unusual times could compel you to operate the door manually. So check the above tips on how to open a garage door without power and get relief from potential problems and headaches.

Why Cleanup is So Important on Construction

Why Cleanup is So Important on Construction

Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate developer, the completion of your construction or renovation project is an exciting prospect. Months or even years of planning, followed by the execution involving a multitude of steps, approvals, and timelines, finally culminates into the moment the project is taken possession of by the end user. To make this moment memorable, it is necessary to ensure that the project premise is spotless, clean, and beautiful. Post construction cleanup ensures exactly this.

Why Cleanup is So Important on Construction

Depending on the nature of the construction contract, the post-construction cleanup may or may not be a responsibility of the contractor. This is true especially for smaller contractors and retail civil projects. The cleanup requires specialized tools and equipment which may not be available with the contractors. In such instances, the responsibility of the cleanup on construction falls on the homeowner/ real estate developer. Hence it is necessary to understand the important nuances of this process. A homeowner or a developer could also hand over this activity to a professional third-party cleaner who is experienced and competent to undertake this activity.

What does the post-construction cleanup involve?

Post construction cleanup involves several activities including tidying up of the premise, disposal of the trash, debris and hazardous waste, cleanup of all the fixtures within the premise including kitchen, restrooms and the furniture. It also includes vacuuming, wet cleanup and even general sweeping. The goal of the post-construction cleanup is to make the premise safe and livable. Depending on the size of the project and its timelines, it can also be divided into three steps by a professional cleaner as per the industry practice:

Preliminary – Undertaken after all the framing, plumbing and electrical work is completed. It typically involves removal of larger debris, trash, general sweeping or vacuuming.

Intermediate/ Fixture cleaning – Carried out after construction is almost done, for the thorough cleaning of kitchen and restroom fixtures, glass areas, doors and windows, walls, electric boards and so on.

Final cleaning – this usually involves a final polish of the premise. All the steps of cleanup are tallied against a checklist and may involve processes such as wet cleaning, cleaning of carpets and so on depending on the necessity at the site.

Post construction cleanup is of paramount importance in terms of making a premise liveable and marketable. Here are some reasons spelling out the importance of this process.

It makes the right impression:

Large or small, every real estate project result in a tremendous amount of debris and trash. This needs to be removed from the project site before the homeowners or end users can move in. Any homeowner is looking forward to a beautiful and clean home at the end of their construction/renovation. For a commercial premise owner, it is important to showcase a spic and span premise to the clients. For a real estate developer, this translates into marketability of the real estate project. No matter how beautifully executed, a project’s impression can increase manifold in the eyes of buyers if it is spotlessly clean.

It ensures livability:

The cleanup involves clearing dust, cleaning all the fixtures including kitchen, restroom etc and thus ensuring their workability. Dust is practically everywhere on completion including tiny spaces. While clearing it is important to ensure functionality of the premise, its existence can be life-threatening to people with allergy and respiratory issues. Additionally, a lot of times things such as restroom fixtures do not work on account of dust/debris and cement being stuck in them. The cleanup ensures that all these issues are taken care of and the premise is livable.

It assures safety:

Post completion of construction, there is a significant number of items such as glass shards, nails, wires, metal pieces in addition to the debris, wood, tiles and certain raw materials including paint, asbestos, and PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) that are hazardous and include harmful chemicals. The disposal of these items needs to be as per the safety standards prescribed by the local authority. Non-disposal of these might otherwise lead to the trash lying near the site and may not be in compliance with local regulations. Also, non-disposal of any hazardous waste out of the same might pose safety issues for users of the facility. Post construction cleanup ensures the disposal of all these items and makes the premise safe.

Efficient cleanup by the professional cleaners:

The post-construction cleanup can be outsourced to the professional experts. Not only are they experts in conducting these activities while adhering to the required safety standards, they also can do so within the optimum amount of time. Thus, they pose a reliable option for homeowners and real estate developers to make their premises ready for possession in no time.

Thus, while post construction cleanup poses some significant challenges, they can be overcome easily with adequate information and timely attention. The assistance of professional cleaners can also be sought to ensure efficiency.

How to Find a Quality Cleaner for Your Home or Apartment

If you have an untidy house and you are too busy to get that cleaned up then having a cleaner do the job is the right thing. In fact, you might have also included it to your to-do list but you couldn’t figure out how to find the right maid. Well, the task in undoubtedly trick but that isn’t impossible.

Here are some ways how you can locate a quality cleaner for your house cleaning.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations are the best way to get to know the best cleaner in the town of Australia. If you have already seduced to have a cleaner do the cleaning task then you should already start to get Recommendations from the relatives, friends, colleagues etc. they might have used the services and can help you find the perfect one.

In addition to that, you can also ask them to seek a cleaner from the people they know. You can’t just pick any cleaner that you want. You have to be aware of their service or else you would be wasting your money as well as your time which you lack. Simply Maid’s Cleaner is a good option to call for if you are in gold coast.

Search Online

In this online world, it is the best friend of all the individual. You can gain all the knowledge for just a few searches. If you got the recommendation from your relatives and friends then the next thing you can do is seek their review online. That would help you to better decide if you are to use that cleaner or not. The recommendation that is got is just a biased one depending on the service that you got. On the internet, you will find wide ranges of review and therefore a better way to understand.

If you haven’t received any recommendations don’t get break your heart. You can still search online for the best cleaners in the town of Queensland and you will find them just near you. Once you find it didn’t forget to see their reviews.

Ask for References

If your search for a cleaning company was in vain then you can call the company up ask them if you could speak to a client of the company regarding the services. Smaller cleaning companies might not be able to establish a review portal but they can make you connected to the people who have received their services.

If they aren’t willing to connect the call then take it that they aren’t that reliable. If they were good at their service then at least one of their happy customers would be eager to have a word with you.

Have a Clear Communication

Ask the cleaner the way he is going to clean your house, there are many ways to clean the house. Different people prefer different things and hence it is important to know beforehand the process to clean the house.

Maybe the way you want the house is not suitable for the cleaners. Clearing out everything before booking is the best thing.


This would help you to first the most perfect cleaning company in your place. Don’t forget to review them whatever be the choices.