How To Open A Garage Door With No Power?

Picture of how to open a garage door without powerAn electrically powered garage door, though commands comfort, has its own challenges. It could be disappointing on days when there is no electrical power. On such a day, what do you do? Would you still be able to open your door when there is no power?

This question is so important that I decided to search if it was possible. I found out how to open a garage door with no power and I’m going to discuss my findings with you briefly.

How Do You Open A Garage Door Without Power? Simply locate the bypass switch which usually has a rope hanging down with a nob. The rope is usually red in color. Pull down this red rope using the nob and the entire system will shift into the manual mode. Once this is done, approach the garage door and pull it up. It will easily roll up on its track until you have enough space for uninterrupted movement.

When power is finally restored, the garage door can be returned to its automatic position. This is also easy to do. Know that the company behind the design of the garage door opener would have forecasted the situations that may occur. They will then factor these into the design of the garage door opener.

One of the very possible situations is a sudden power outage. Definitely, when there is no power supply, you will not be able to open the garage door electronically. This gave the reason why the manual mode was designed and implemented in the system. When power is eventually restored, you will need a way to return the garage door into its original position which is the automatic mode.

How to Restore your Garage Door into Automatic Mode:

That you disengaged the garage door from its motor using the bypass switch doesn’t mean the entire system is damaged neither does it means you will have to keep the garage door in manual mode forever. Once power has been restored and you feel ready to return the entire system to its original mode of operation, you can simply do this.

Pull the bypass key but this time, you will have to pull it towards the garage door and the bypass switch will again lock itself into the garage door pull. This way, the entire system will begin to function the way it was designed to. You can then begin to operate the system using the remote control and avail yourself the convenience of using your automatic garage door opener.

What if I want to remain in the Manual Mode?

There are so many reasons why it might be advisable to leave your garage door in the manual mode. If power is going to be off for a long time, you might want to consider leaving the door in the manual mode.

Also, if the reason you decided to open the garage door manually is that you misplaced your remote control or the remote control system is no longer working then leaving the door in its manual mode is more advisable until you find or fix the remote control system.

Another reason you might want to remain in the manual mode is if the system motor is not functioning properly and it’s becoming difficult to open the garage door. Any of the above-mentioned reasons are enough to stay in the manual mode.

To do that, simply pull the bypass switch so that you can move the garage door manually and to ensure the pulley doesn’t lock into the bypass switch again, simply pull it a little bit away from the of the entire pulley system.

This way, you can be sure that as you open the door manually, the door pulley doesn’t lock itself into the bypass switch anymore. If it does, you will have to begin the whole process again from the inside. This could be risky if the only means to access your house is through the garage.

Can I Switch to Manual Mode when the Garage Door is Up?

Yes, you can. However, this is not advisable because of the danger involved. The garage door is designed with a spring which is meant to assist the door as it goes up and down. If it happens that the door spring is damaged, the weight of the door will come rushing down and will crush anything standing on its way.

This is very dangerous and should be avoided. The impact can even damage the door. For this reason, it is best to engage the manual mode when your garage door is down. If it happens that the door is up before the power went off or before your remote system got damaged and you have no other means to pull it down, you need to engage the bypass switch carefully.

You will need to support the weight of the door with a plank or anything that is strong enough to hold the weight. The support will prevent the garage door from crashing down when you engage the bypass switch. You can then move close to the garage door and pull it down gently.

Can a Garage Door be Opened Manually from Outside?

Yes, it can. However, the “do it yourself” process for this puts your home at a security risk. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you contact a technician to help you with your garage door if you need to open it from outside.